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PATRON Her Majesty The Queen
PRESIDENT The Princess Royal KG, GIZVO

Royal Yachting Association

Southern Regional Association


Notice of Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the RYA Southern Region Will be held on Monday 27th October 2012 at the Royal Southampton Yacht Club, Admirals Way, Ocean Village, Southampton at 6.30 pm


1. To receive and approve the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on the 25th October 2011
2. Matters Arising from the Minutes
3. To receive the Chairman's Report
4. To elect Representative from Unattached clubs.
5. To receive and approve the Accounts for the year ending 31" March 2012
6. Appointment of Hon. Auditor
7. To receive Reports
7.1. Race Management Co-ordinator To follow
7.2. High Performance Manager
7.3. Development Officer
8. Election of Chairman
Chairman: - Bob Russell OBE
Proposed: - Richard Brown
Seconded: - John Pockett
9. Constitution – To amend the following paragraph to read:-
5 (c) No Chairman or Vice Chairman shall serve in the same office for more than four years in any five.
10. Any Other Business

Richard Brown
26th September 2011


Chairman's Report
Accounts for the year ending 31" March 2011 & Report
Southern Regional RYA High Performance Manager Report
South and South East Development Officer

Chairman’s Report for AGM October 2012

1. I feel I should begin my report with thanks for all the work put in by volunteers helping at the Olympics and the Paralympics, making the events so enjoyable. Also to congratulate all the contestants especially those in sailing/rowing events, whatever position they finished in. It was a great success in which the RYA played a most important part.
2. The more mundane work has been carried on throughout the year with the Regional Officers attending the many and varied meetings they are required to attend. All meetings are important to a greater or lesser degree if the Solent is to remain both an interesting and pleasant place to sail. Safety is still high on the agenda and must remain there but we must be alert to organisations and the Government who at times, appear to be wishing to restrict many activities such as water recreation. Besides Council and a number of presentations, I have attended four organisations representing RYA(S). The first is the Solent Forum where many influential bodies get together to air their views, “fly kites” and generally try out proposals most of which have an impact upon our activities. The second is the Solent Protection Society where I have a role of trying to harmonise their aspirations with those of the RYA. Over the past decade, some things about which we differ have been abandoned or left lying on the table, but luckily we agree on the vast majority of subjects. Both have web sites which are worth a visit. The third is the Advisory Committee to the Langstone Harbour Board where the many and varied local problems are discussed, and the fourth which covers the Eastern Solent is the QHM’s Dockyard Port (of Portsmouth) Forum
3. I have attended all the Council meetings which you may remember, is now mainly devoted to determining Policy as it is the Board that actually oversees the management of the RYA At the moment the Council comprises 40 members and nine attendees and does discuss quite a number of major subjects, (24 at the last meeting) so it still plays an important role in the RYA organisation. We are only just coming to the end of the first year following the re-organisation, and all in all it has gone very smoothly although I have no doubt there will still be some more minor glitches to sort out.
4. One of the changes to RYA rules covers the length of time in office that a Regional Chair is allowed. Up to now it has been five years but, in future, it will be limited to four years When I was elected Chairman it was five years so I am allowed - as some other Regional Chairs are also - to fulfil that expectation, assuming of course, that I am re-elected. . The necessary amendments to our constitution will be circulated for approval at the AGM as is always required.
5. Three problems which could have a major effect on our activities remain - MCZ’s, the Wind Farm and Osborne Bay restrictions, of which I believe the MCZ‘s to be dominant. John Pockett has worked hard on our behalf but there is a long way to go yet.
Many other local problems still exist - each harbour has its share - mostly from development, but dredging, lack of visitor berths/moorings, increased commercial traffic and crime are only a few of those which occupy the time and effort of local representatives. However, I am pleased to note that at long last action is being taken to prohibit trawling in designated mooring areas. We know that it is only a few fishermen that have not responded to requests and they have done a lot of damage over the years. Prosecution by individuals or clubs has been virtually impossible due to having both sufficient evidence regarding the culprit and the high cost of legal expenses which, even if successful , the costs awarded would be unlikely to cover but a fraction of that needed to fully recompense those who have been affected. This has been a long standing problem in Portsmouth Harbour and more recently, in the upper reaches of Southampton Water.
6. Finally I must pay tribute to the work that officers and Committee members have taken on and the support I have received from everyone, especially our Hon, Sec. Richard Brown and John Pockett the Hon. Treasurer. All Committee members have other commitments within the sailing orbit so the extra time given to the SRC is very much appreciated. That a few Committee members have rarely attended or submitted reports is unfortunate, and special attention will be given to this when the SRC next meets.

Bob Russell
25.09.12.. .

RYA Southern Region Treasurers Report for the 2012 Annual General Meeting to be held 29th October 2012.
The 2011-12 accounts are attached, which have been signed off as correct by the Hon. Auditor, Charles Cooke-Hurle. At the year end, The Nat West current account held £2476.40. The RYA provided an Administration Grant of £1900 and a £1750 Training Grant. Administration expenses were higher than in previous years owing to a one off printing and distribution of the Southern Region Newsletter, increased travel expenses and meeting room hire charges, leading to a deficit of £511.96 on the Admin Grant.
The National Savings account has been closed because the interest rate had dropped to a very low level. A one year Nat West 2.25% fixed rate bond was set up from March 2012 into which £13,000 was deposited. The completion time of this bond fits with the planned use of this money from March 2013 to fund the Regional Development Officer’s sailing club instructor training and related support expenses, which would otherwise not be possible because Sport England funding will be reduced considerably from 2013-14 onwards. A business case is being prepared by Andy Hooper for the use of this money, which will be presented at the AGM.
Promotion of the six RYA SR Optimists to clubs and associations led to only two hires in 2011-12, generating a loss of £98.02 on their hire, after repairs and insurance. At the May 2012 RYA Southern Region Committee meeting it was agreed that proposals would be sought for the sale of the Optimists. The boats & trailer have now been sold to Christian Youth Enterprises, who will use them to support their current schools training programme and to boost their RYA OnBoard scheme for local Chichester area children.

2011 exp 2011 inc 2010 exp 2010 inc


Balance on :
General Administration Account 414.31 843.06
Training Account ( Regional Development Officer ) 1,857.00 2,752.00
Optimist Account 55.75 (18.32)
2,327.06 3,576.74
18.63 22.87
Net surplus for the year 2,345.69 3,599.61


Fixed Assets at book value 0.00 0.00

Current Assets :
Cash at Bank :
Current Account 1,993.05 2,545.46
Deposit Account 12,467.23 8,448.60
Sundry debtors 0.00 957.00
14,460.28 11,951.06
Deduct: Current liabilities:
Sundry creditors 250.00 86.47


Accumulated Fund :
Balance at 1 April 2010 11,864.59 8,264.98
Transfer from Income and Expenditure Account 2,345.69 3,599.61

Balance at 31 March 2011 14,210.28 11,864.59

Southern Regional RYA High Performance Manager Report - Chris Atherton


Applicants are coming in fast and furious for this at the moment. We are particularly keen to attract those that have not attended before and therefore we would ask everyone to help promote this Championship. It is perfect for those just starting to think about racing at open meetings.

We would expect sailors from the South to enter the following championships
Optimists to enter the South Zone Championships at Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy
Toppers to enter the South Zone Championships at Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy
Windsurfers to enter the South Zone Championships at Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy
Mirrors to enter the South Zone Championships at Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy
Laser 4.7s to enter the South Zone Championships at Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy
Fevas to enter the South Zone Championships at Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy
Cadet to enter the South Zone Championships at Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy

Entry has been open since July and will be via www.ryaracingevents.org.uk

These will be at
1. South Conference on 4th December at RYA House
2. Thames Valley Conference on 4th December at Burghfield SC
3. SE Conference on 4th December at Bewl

As ever these will be aimed at all those with an interest or involved in delivering, planning or coordinating club training, racing and coaching for both juniors and adults.

It should inspire committees, active volunteers and coaches with new ideas to start planning the next season’s programmes

It will also be an opportunity for coaches to revalidate their Level 2 Racing Coach Certificates

To apply for a place go to www.ryaracingevents.org.uk follow the link to RYA Coaching Courses and then fill in the online form


We welcome teams from the junior and youth class associations, zones, clubs, schools and individual teams to race in the two separate events, both hosted by Oxford Sailing Club. There are a number of teams entered from the South but as there are still spaces we are hoping for more entries from the South.
The junior fleet will use Feva’s and the youth fleet Firefly’s for teams of three boats. (All boats are supplied)
Southern sailors out and about
420 Nationals
2st boys Craig Dibb and Charlie Cox Warsash SC /Royal Lymington
1st girls Jessica Lavery /Georgie Morthersele
Optimist Nationals
7th overall Jack Parkin HISC
1st overall Milo Gill-Taylor/ Spinnaker
2nd overall Max Clapp/ Warsash SC

South and South East Regions
RYA Regional Development Officers Report Oct 2011
Regional Development Officer: Andy Hooper
Role: to develop regular participation in sailing and windsurfing, and to maintain and improve standards of safety, training and volunteer management at RYA affiliated clubs recognised Training Centres in the South and South East. Which means working on the following three key areas;

Club Development
Winter Workshops
We are holding a series of Winter Workshops again this year for clubs. The aim is to help them with sharing ideas, gain funding, put plans in place and help them to create clubs that support the needs of their members who both race and cruise.
Each club will receive up to 6 days adult coaching, dependent on their needs and development plans. There is also a chance to win £50 RYA vouchers per county which they can use to buy publications or a course at a commercial school.
With 400 providers of opportunities in the regions, this is the way that I work out who to support and who not. It is therefore vital that clubs attend these sessions. They are not just for Dinghy clubs, it is just as relevant to Windsurfing, Yachting, Power, PWC and even Inland Waterways clubs.
A copy of the poster is attached.
Training Centres/Instructors
The RYA instructor Conference has changed it’s name and is now Instructor Training Day to better represent what we actually do on the day. A flyer is attached.
Coaches and Trainers
There are several freelance coaches and trainers that work within the regions. Please contact me if you require assistance finding them.
We are now accepting applications for Dinghy Coaches, Windsurf and Power Trainers for 2010, application forms can be obtained from me by email.
OnBoard is a nation-wide programme that aims to introduce 500,000 young people to sailing in the next 10 years and retain more than 10% as regular sailors.
As a region we are currently further ahead than most, we have introduced 48,363 new sailors in first experiences and kept 3164, which is 6.5%. In relation to other regions this is significantly higher, the team have been given the aim of making 8.5% by the end of this year and to reach 11 next. A target I am pushing them hard with at the moment.
OnBoard Development Officers
Role: A part-time post to develop a school to club (and centre) link programme to increase the number of young people sailing
Poole Sam Ross sam.ross@rya.org.uk 07554 561068
Sussex Mark Saul onboard@lagoonwatersports.co.uk 07825 957976
South Hants Samantha Jones samantha.jones@hants.gov.uk 01962 846026
Isle of Wight Susie Moore iow.onboard@gmail.com 07891 489823
Kent Sam Rowe kent.onboard@gmail.com Start 1st Dec

Regional Hire Fleets

South East Oppies, Toppers, Tera’s and feva’s Julian Irons: julian.irons@btinternet.com
West Sussex Schools Sailing Association Martin Tomlinson: martin.tomlinson@westsussex.gov.uk
RDO Contact Details:
Andy Hooper
Tel: 07748 806733
Email: andy.hooper@rya.org.uk
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