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SWSA AGM Minutes 2012

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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
Held on Tuesday 14th February 2012 at Warsash Sailing Club at 8pm

David Greenway - President (Warsash S.C.)
Alex Bell – Vice President Cruisers (Warsash S.C.)
Chris Waddington - Vice President Dinghies (Southampton S.C.)
John Selby – Treasurer (Warsash S.C.)
Jan Cox – Secretary (Royal Southampton Y.C.)
Ian Round (Southampton Water Raceboard Association)
Chris Brown (Ashlett S.C.)
Ian Robinson ((Netley Cliff S.C.)
Brian Allen (Hythe S.C.)
Stephen Booy (Royal Air Force Y.C.)
Graham Harrison (Fawley Power Station S.C.)

1. Apologies for absence:
Nigel Coupar (Cracknore Hard Sailing Club)
Graham Edwards (Warsash Sailing Club)
John Grant (Marchwood Yacht Club)
Julius Mach (Weston Sailing Club)
Dawn Riley (Netley Sailing Club)

2. Minutes
The President requested the minutes of the AGM held on Monday 7th February 2011 be accepted as a true record; proposed by Ian Robertson, seconded by Brian Allen – all in favour and signed by David Greenway.

3. Matters arising
There were none.

4. Rule Change
John Selby proposed that Rule 9 c) be amended by the addition of: ‘for the year ending December 31st’. Seconded by Alex Bell. All in favour.
Note:- The financial year end is not defined in the Rules but previously in practice has been January 31st. This leaves insufficient time for the accounts to be inspected prior to the AGM in mid February. The financial year just ended has been terminated at December 31st 2011, (see Treasurers Report) and this rule addition will define this date for future years.

5. Reports
5.1 Presidents Report: David Greenway

This is the text that accompanied the presentation.

This year I can report on a continued increase in interest in SWSA sailing. Changes are bedding in and new innovations are planned for this season.

The annual prizegiving will take place on 17th March at the Hythe SC; again we are holding the prize giving at this time of year to both avoid the busy period at the end of the year and to provide a springboard for our current year’s events.

Member Clubs will be interested in various issues affecting their members: Your Officers will continue to monitor them and inform you of any developments.
• The developments to the port of Southampton – channel widening is still awaiting consents. Further objections from Hutchison Ports, operator of the Haven ports, relate to the monitoring of container throughput;
• Container port going ahead – Berths 201/202 – dredging delayed yet again.
• Annual forum at Hamble on 28th March – all welcome.
• Yarmouth Harbour developments, now nearing completion of the final phase;
• Cowes breakwater - looks likely to commence early next year
• Offshore wind farms with the West Wight scheme covering an area from South of the Needles to south of St Albans Eneco are running a series of “public Exhibitions” with Lymington 2nd March or Newport IOW 3rd March being the closest – all day “drop-in” events.[see update note]
• Marine conservation areas - Studland bay exclusion zone – RYA trying to add balance
• E-borders – back to square one

The latter three form part of national RYA campaigns. We would ask that any representations to the RYA be copied to admin@swsa.org.uk to keep us informed and allow local matters to be discussed.

Links with other bodies - SCRA, SPMUG and SASAC
Relationships with local harbour authorities continue on a good footing. The SWSA along with the SCRA and RYA work to maintain this situation. Communication is key to this, I was contacted by the Deputy HM about a proposed power boat race, with the involvement of 2 clubs the event was able to take place without major disruption. However we do have concerns over late notification of events – my thanks to NSC and RSYC for their cooperation in this matter.

Incidents Again very few incidents with shipping have been reported by the Harbour Masters this year. Whilst this is a welcome trend the collision between a yacht and a gas tanker in Cowes week prompted the open letter from Red Funnel – The issues which this letter raised are being taken forward by the SCRA and RYA; they are working with ABP who are working on a safety video which will be available as a link from the SCRA site. Linked to that is a Safety Seminar to which all SCRA clubs will be invited to attend. A Cowes week safety video has been produced http://www.aamcowesweek.co.uk/web/code/ ... highlights

The SWSA “road show” reached the RAF YC in the recent weeks. These events have been well received. These events are continuing with a session booked at Warsash SC in March. Requests from clubs to host further events and for future topics are welcome. We have produced a newsletter highlighting our sailing activities which was published on the SWSA web site. I would welcome comment on the effectiveness of this approach.

Consideration has been given to an exclusively electronic handbook one is now available from the home page of our website, it was felt a limited number of printed copies was still desirable. These will be produced and is thanks to a development which will be covered later.

Members were reminded that SWSA can co-ordinate training, including from the RYA who offer free seminars (just travelling expenses) on a number of interesting subjects.

Finally my thanks are due to the Associations officers for their help throughout the year. Chris for Dinghies and the evening series and Alex who continues to look after the cruiser events, their help and support have been invaluable. To John Selby for agreeing to take on both roles of Hon Treasurer and Secretary as always his help and good council are much appreciated.

Questions from the floor were addressed: Ian Robertson (Netley SC) was advised that no date had yet been set for the commencement of dredging activities; Stephen Booy (RAFYC) expressed his concerns regarding the West Wight Windfarm and its impact on yachts returning from West Country or Cherbourg; Graham Harrison (Fawley PSSC) referred to anchoring problems off Yarmouth and was advised the RYA had lodged an objection to the report on Balanced Seas.

5.2 Report of Vice President Cruisers: Alex Bell

5.2.1 2011 Season
The Sub Committee met four times in 2011.

A total of 27 boats competed (25 last year) We planned 22 races and ran 20.The number of clubs represented was 8 [7 last year] plus one sailing under the RYA, the breakdown of boats by club was as follows:
Warsash SC 6
Southampton S C 5
Hythe SC 8
Fawley PS 1
Ashlett SC 1
Marchwood SC 1

The 2011season has been fairly kind weather wise: The Bert Drought Summer and Autumn series had 8 competitors The Evening Series attracted the largest fleets totalling 25 boats (13 class I, 12 class II)

The Cross Channel race had 5 competitors and enjoyed light winds. The Poole passage race had only two boats. The Nab Tower race was run on the full course (9 boats). The Round the Island had 6 starters and all finished. The single hander had 4 entries.

This year the Bert Drought trophy went to Hythe Sailing Club.
The combined Dingy and Cruiser prize giving is to be held on Saturday 17 March at the Hythe Sailing Club.

5.2.2 2012 Season
A programme has been planned and published for the 2012 season, [see the web site]. The programme is presented in two sections: the Weekend and Passage races and the Evening series.

We shall continue to run the Bert Drought Series in Southampton Water. Dates coincide, as best one can at weekends, for a high tide at the start time. One race will be run each day, using the same courses as the evening series, starting at Hovercraft 2.

My thanks again go to the competitors for providing race officers, Chris Waddington for organising the Evening Series and especially to John Selby for once again handling the entries, handicapping and results.

The next meeting of the Cruiser Sub Committee is at 8 pm on Monday 20th February at Southampton Sailing Club. Agenda will include finalising the SI’s and making arrangements for the coming years events

5.3 Report of Vice President Dinghies: Chris Waddington

Via a colourful Powerpoint presentation Chris summarised the 2011 season which included the Traveller Series of 5 races as scheduled with a 40-boat entry (36 in 2010); the new 2-day Regatta hosted by Netley SC where the first day had to be cancelled due to adverse weather but the 27-boat entry gave full support for a 2012 event; and the Evening Series hosted by Southampton SC with 9 out of 10 scheduled races with 15-boat entry (20 in 2010).

The Dinghy Sub-Committee had met 5 times during the previous year represented by 6 clubs including the Race Board Association as a provisional member of SWSA (subject to this meeting).

The programme will be the same for 2012 but the Traveller Series will be 2 races per day (previously 1) and the Evening Series will be hosted by Weston SC and Southampton SC.

Finally, Chris expressed his thanks to all Sub-committee attendees; Race officers & committee boat crews; Safety boat crews; Our competitors and John Selby for his processing of results and excellent work with the website.

5.4 Report of Treasurer for Year ended 31st December 2011: John Selby

John presented the accounts for the 11 month period. This was a satisfactory year, albeit an 11 month year as mentioned in the Agenda. By ending the year on 31 Dec 2011 rather the 31 Jan 2012, there was more time to finalise the accounts and have them inspected prior to the AGM. As a result, certain expenditures which would have occurred in January will now fall in the next financial year, thus reducing anticipated expenditure.

One of our major costs is Insurance, despite looking at alternatives, including to what extent we might be covered by member clubs policies, no simple way of reducing this cost has been found, and in this litigious modern day world, we cannot afford to be without adequate cover.

Entries in the Cruiser Racing were well up on expectations generating useful income, and helping to keep the deficit down to just £83.

At the beginning of the year we closed our account with Santander, which although generating a tiny interest, was difficult to operate, among other limitations, requiring in some instances that two signatories actually presented themselves at one of their branches. The travelling costs far outweighing the interest. The Account is now a Lloyds TSB Business Associations Account, easy to operate with cheques, and paying in at any branch. It carries no interest, but incurs no charges. It is currently almost impossible to find ‘Club’ accounts which carry interest, but then the interest is so minimal anyway, not worth the bother. We will of course investigate interest bearing accounts again when interest rates improve.

At the end of January, thanks to Alex Bell, we obtained financial support from Whale, and so I am able to present a late revision to the original 2012 budget, which will enable us to continue to print the Yearbook, ensure adequate money for prizes for both dinghy and cruiser events, together with a small amount for ‘marketing’ without any need after all to raise subscription levels. We propose to include both Portsmouth and Southampton tide tables for 2012 which requires us to obtain copyright from the Hydrographic Office. Whilst the Licence is free we will have to purchase the tide tables at a cost of £150 for both.

John Selby proposed the accounts be accepted; seconded by Chris Brown (Ashlett SC) – All in favour.

6. Annual Subscriptions
As per the agenda, David Greenway proposed the Annual Subscriptions be increased by 10% with effect from 6th April 2012. Seconded by Stephen Booy (RAFYC). All in favour.

7. Election of Officers

There being no other nominations and with agreement from the candidates the following were proposed, seconded and duly elected by all present:

President: David Greenway
Vice President Cruisers: Alex Bell
Vice President Dinghies: Chris Waddington
Treasurer: John Selby
Secretary: Jan Cox
RYA regional Representative: Richard Brown

8. Southampton Water Raceboard Association
Chris Waddington advised that Ian Round had formed the SWRA last year and proposed their application for membership to SWSA be approved. Seconded by David Greenway. All in favour.

9. Appointment of Reporting Accountant
Having established that Ivan Hardwick was willing to stand again John Selby proposed his re-election. Seconded by Alex Bell. All in favour.

10. Any other Business
There was none.

Date and time of next meeting:
The next AGM will be held on Tuesday 12th February 2013 at 8pm - venue to be confirmed. Chris Brown kindly suggested Ashlett SC subject to confirmation.
Stephen Booy kindly suggested RAFYC as alternative if required.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.25pm
john bigg

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